Project Summary

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This project consists of six web-based Flash modules where students proceed through a series of steps to help improve their Spanish pronunciation. These steps include: an explanation of sounds, an animation of examples of the sounds in Spanish, as well as contrasts with English; activities for perception and production practice; and a final activity in which students record and replay their speech to analyze their errors.

The six modules encompass what most teachers and researchers consider to be the pronunciation errors that are either most distracting or most annoying to native speakers of Spanish: vowels and diphthongs; voiceless plosive consonants /p, t, k/; voiced plosive consonants /b, d, g/; non-lateral liquids /r/, /R/; assimilation of /n/ before other consonants; and prosody (stress, intonation, rhythm).


In this project, Marcela performed duties that correspond to the following team member roles:

  • Instructional Designer
  • Project Manager
  • Graphic Designer
  • CSS/HTML Programmer
  • Video/Multimedia Developer

Web LinkView a Sample

The following link will take you to a live version of this project. This version may have limited functionality and is only intended to serve as a portfolio piece.

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